Respite Care and Why it is Important and Necessary.

R-E-S-P-I-T-E! Spells relief!

Respite care is temporary, short-term stay. Think of this as a mini-vacation (3 – 30 days) for seniors who would otherwise be at home with a family caregiver. This break offers the needed relief to stay healthy and helps families continue to provide the care for their loved-ones, often a  difficult but rewarding job.

With a record number of senior adults staying in their homes longer, seniors rely on family and friends for their care. Millions of families provide unpaid care for seniors 50 or older, spending on average 20+ hours a week helping with ongoing home care.

“I often see family member come to me exhausted and frustrated, reaching their breaking point. They need help and a break, sometimes to step back for a breath of fresh air,” says Sherry Fischer, Executive Director At Canyon Trails at Topanga, an Assisted Living / Memory Care Community that offers respite. Fischer feels that is often harder on the caregiver than the senior. “Feelings of depression, frustration and isolation often become so overwhelming.  Often they neglect their own health concerns.”

Fischer continues, “An occasional break or respite for these extraordinary demands can strengthen the stability of the family and caregiver.”

There is evidence that the family caregiver who takes a break from the associated stresses is better able to provide quality care.

The demands of providing care are much more than a physical demand.  It is often just as emotional taking care of a loved one.  To provide good care, the caregiver needs to allow time for themselves – it’s a tough round-the-clock, hands-on responsibility.  Consider respite a gift of time and recharge. Canyon Trails at Topanga is one of several communities that offer such service.

“Allowing yourself permission to rest is the first step, and we can help.”

For more information, please contact Canyon Trails at Topanga directly, 818.716.9900



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